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A Kiss Goodbye

My sweet darlings I have news and so many stories to share but first the news. I want to thank each and every one of your stunning personalities for tip toeing through my life in such a way that is so perfectly you.

With a bittersweet taste on my tongue, I wish to say farewell for now as I will not be returning to Mississippi State University in the Fall. I had every intention of returning to each of my precious dancers and to my degree when I left but I never planned on falling in love. I have adored every moment here at Disney an I am confident that this is where I should be! My fellow cast members, the role I play in the company, and yes the abundance of things to do (like taking long romantic strolls with a grocery cart down every isle of target) has captured my heart.

I do intend to come and visit. I am so proud of all the students that are now diligently passing on their knowledge to new dancers and instructors! Please continue to explore, experiment, and challenge yourself. I have every intention of visiting so please keep practicing and have fun! Who knows I may even make it out for a dance!


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