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Itsy Bitsy is not my Buddie

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

In light of the recent events and heightened level of general panic, I have decided to write a little more.

I would like to first extend my most sincere condolences to those that have been directly affected by the coronavirus be that though closures or direct contact, my heart goes out to you.

My blog is centered around trying to look at the silver lining despite encroaching gray clouds, and I would like to encourage individuals to stay happy! Remember to be kind and understanding towards others as a great deal of rational thinking is going to be muffled with anxious thoughts. In light of the anxious thoughts, I think I will share a fear of mine and how I manage to overcome it.

I know what you are all thinking, "This girl is fearless, there is no way she is frightened of anything." to my friends that just laughed......rude. It is true though, I have many fears, for a long time I thought they were irrational. They are not (period, end of discussion).

I do not care for spiders. I never have. When I was little I was always embarrassed to go to Mom or my little brothers to kill the spider. I also didn't want the spider to die just because he wandered into the wrong corner. He was only minding his own business why should he die. Needless to say, fuzzy little itsy bitsy is not my buddy. I did, however, teach myself to change my perspective.

Mom always told me that if I'm scared or angry with someone I need to put myself in their shoes. So that is precisely what I do. So that Is how I learned about Winston, my eight-legged compatriot. He likes tea and participates in the family night with his cousin Jefferson every once-in-awhile (that's why he disappears on occasion). His favorite color is lavender and he really likes playing eye-spy. We respect one another, he knows that I am a lot larger than him and I know he has more than two eyes and fangs (it's mutual respect).

The only downside to this tactic is that I then empathize with the enemy.

So when the spider is in my way I refuse to let anyone hurt him I will either condemn the area in which the intruder currently resides or I will have to find a way of capturing them and releasing them into a safe home.

One time in college it was really cold and rainy and I gathered the courage to capture him. Unfortunately, I didn't want him to be in the cold so I released him in the dorm's lobby. I am sure he had a lovely rest of his life filled with adventure.

That is all I have for you my darlings at the moment. Stay optimistic and I will check in again soon!


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