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Cabin Fever

Hi everyone I am back! Shocking I know, I had nothing better to do (and I love this blog so I secretly wish I had all the time to talk to my lovely audience). I know that everyone is being encouraged to practice social distancing and in such time I would like to offer a few creative ways to make your home feels like a world of opportunities and imagination to play in. Alright, so everyone think of a time where anything was possible and all you have to do is dream!


Idea Bank

-Host a very happy un-birthday tea party with the household.

- Set up streamers and find proper hats and celebrate a very happy unbirthday (bonus points if you pull out old stuffed animals)

-Have a quaint indoor picnic

-Lay down a blanket and have sandwiches while listening to ambient outdoor sounds.

-Take up a new hobby (painting, drawing, hula-hooping)

-Pretend you are a pillow fort construction (or demolition), worker

-Take an opportunity to build a pillow fort and binge a beloved series.

-After the construction and utilization of the fort, you may participate in the demolition of the pillow fort by leaping graciously through the pillow walls

-LEGOs (nuff said)

-Make s'mores in the oven and have an indoor camp-out

-Travel back to the '90s and break out the board games

-Break out the Glitter Glue

-Arts and Crafts is a great option! You can build those hand turkeys from pre-school

-Become a curator for your own artwork.

-Do yoga

-Play 20 questions with a complete stranger

-Play Video Games with a friend

-This is the 21st century! Embrace the technological age in this time of social isolation.


I will talk to you all soon! Until then, stay safe and healthy!


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