• Siobhán Grogan

Dancer in the Clouds

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

So, in the Disney college program we are provided classes offered to better us for future employment opportunities, be it with the Walt Disney Company or anywhere else. My most recent class was on personal branding. Personal banding is kinda what makes you you? When I think of yourself, what would be associated with you to best sum up who you are and what you stand for? That would be your personal brand. Nifty right?!?! For this particular class the goal was to leave with our own personal brand statement drafted. This isn't some simple slogan, but almost a campaign or an elevator pitch of exactly who you are in the length of about a twitter post (I remember there being a character limit that one time I had a twitter)...Well so lets think of a few note worthy brands that we have associated words to...Google; knowledge, security, innovation, family...you get the idea right? Well I, in all of my creative glory, had just written a fairly exhausting technical report, so I just wanted to be creative. So what should have been somewhere along the lines of...

An enthusiastic Industrial engineer who has a passion for all that blah blah blah blah blah... Needless to say I am still struggling at finding the appropriate words to build myself up. It's a work in process though.

Instead I was inspired by what someone said about me. It was unique, It was something no one had ever said to me before, but the way they saw me made me feel like I could stand out. That is everything we want to do in a resume right? You are given exactly one page to come off as the perfect candidate for the position and still somehow be personable and show your special personality...no pressure! That is what a personal brand statement is supposed to do though, right, show who you are, why you stand out, and explain a bit of your personality... So I wrote this instead...

Dancer in the clouds, eagerly and attentively examining each little detail, she finds it much easier to see the child like wonderment as she twirls through her day enthusiastically entertaining each individual she meets with passion, authenticity, and the empathy of a trusted friend, but occasionally she selflessly tip toes down from her perch to paint a smile in someones day... You will find her there in the clouds.

See I think mine was way more fun, and based off real feedback I had received on my dorky little personality I felt like this kinda did describe how I am viewed. Well the little group I was in thought it was simply adorable...I however, knew I was wrong...This didn't stop my sweet group from volunteering me to share my statement with the class...remember I knew this was wrong. I warned the teacher ahead of time. She had so much faith in me. She was certain I had somehow accomplished the task she wanted me to, but I insisted that she read my statement ahead of time. Her reaction was as I had anticipated. She didn't know how to tell me I had not achieved what she wanted at all... "This is..." She paused. She clearly looked a little concerned. It was that look of "How honest can I be with this person?" I looked at her as said "Unique, the word you are looking for is unique." She laughed with me after that, "Yes it's unique." She kindly told me how I could get back on the right track and moved on to the next group.


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