• Siobhán Grogan

Day Log the 29th

I feel I should be making some witty Star Trek reference, but I have exactly none.

I had to google where the concept of a day log came from, and I only found results for a yule log, which, while exciting, is slightly different from my understanding of a daily log. So I will assume that the first account of a daily log is the aboard the USS Enterprise.

Yesterday I landed here in California, and while I would love to insist this trip is purely fun, it is not.

I was recently laid off from Disney, and I will collect my things from the office. The thing I will miss most about working for Disney is the very thing that I know makes the parks feel so magical, the cast members. After working there for nearly 2 years, I am so delighted to say the magic of Disney lives on because of the dedicated cast members eager to foster that wonder within children and the children in all of us. While I am sad to go I wouldn't give up one minute of my experience with the company I have idolized since I was a child.

I am confident that I will return to Disney at some point, but for now, I will spread my wings, and we will see where I land. I will also continue to destroy people at Disney trivia (I am not necessarily competitive, I just know that I am the best and everyone else should too, and they need to be put in their place if they believe otherwise. That's all.).

From where I am isolating, I can see the Disney parks from my window, and it is a bittersweet memory as I happily take another spoon of peanut butter and reminisce on all of the adventures I had working for such an incredible company reminding myself that it is all going to work out in the end.

For my first day in isolation, I have little to report. My family brought me a coconut drink that transported me to a tropical oasis far from my hotel room.

I look forward to keeping everyone updated.

That's all for now. Signing off. (Is that how the captain ends his logs? I don't know.)


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