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Dear Santa

Merry Christmas my lovelies, this year while I was writing to Santa, as I usually do, and you reach that inevitable question, what more could I ask for. I have so many joys in my life to be grateful for, it is difficult to consider what more I could ask for. Just then I thought of myself, not now, but when I was much younger writing a letter asking for more than a pony. I wanted a job..... not just any job........THE job!!! I was certain I had found it, my true calling. I was born to be an elf, but not just any elf. I wanted to be the head elf and project manager over all of Christmas!! I could plan Christmas all year long helping fulfill the dreams and wishes of people everywhere. I would work every day ensuring each Christmas is filled with even more grandeur than the last, carefully planning the Christmas events that occur throughout the world, assisting in finding the perfect gift for each little girl and boy in the world, and helping charities everywhere reach their goals for the year. That sounds so magical even now. I remember proudly telling parents, friends, and teachers "When I'm older I am going to be an elf." My mother lovingly reminded "Your aspirations can only ever be as large as your imagination." Tragically I discovered that you need to be born into elfhood.

Well, despite this minor set back, I have decided to share my Christmas cover letter with all of you before I mail it off to the north pole.

Dear Santa,

I am always so eager to contact you each year (perhaps I should write to you more frequently you must miss the letters the rest of the year). I sat in my room pondering what I could possibly want and I am reminded that every year you receive lists from children requesting puppies, ponies, rocket launchers or any of a number of things. What a joy it must be to know that every year you make dreams and bring hope to so many people. At that moment the lightbulb flickered on. I would be honored to be a Christmas elf this year.

While I may not have the proper training, I am a quick learner. I also take pride in my gingerbread house assembly and decorating skills. Please see attached examples of this year's gingerbread house. I also think I may be able to aid in efficiency, My industrial engineering degree could be of great benefit to you. We could look into optimizing your trip or ensuring all of the elves have adequate working stations! I also have excellent wrapping skills. We could decorate each box with ribbons and string while singing joyful Christmas tunes. Unfortunately, my current vocal state leaves much to be desired, but my toe-tapping is quite harmonious and impromptu dancing is less than offensive.

Giving gifts and seeing the joy in the eyes of others is a blessing. This year I would be honored to facilitate your operation in any way possible. It is a joy writing to you each year, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Merry Christmas, and thank you,



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