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Friends & Fairies

Welcome to the continuation of my Day Log!! I know what you are thinking what on earth is Siobhán doing today? Very little, to be completely honest.

I have meant to post continually, but shockingly, I have been rather quiet in my little tower and enjoyed it.

I went and retrieved all of my things from the office the other day, and I spent a bit of time reminiscing on all of the time I spent in the parks, working, and making magic for people. It was nothing less than a dream come true.

If you all don't mind, I want to tell you my favorite Disney memory.

So when I worked in retail, there were times when the store was quiet (almost too quiet), and Disney encourages us to clean and work to make the guests we have feel that much more special. Well, there were these two little girls with their mothers, and I sauntered on up to them and asked, "When is the ball?" and the little girls just looked at me. "What ball?" I was so excited to talk to these little girls because I knew that this would make their day. "Well, the only time I see this many princesses in one place is if a ball isn't too far away." The little girls just laughed at me and blushed, cheerfully explaining that they weren't princesses.

I was completely shocked and certain that they must only be modest, so I pulled a Mickey Mouse autograph book out from behind my back and asked them if they would be so kind as to give me their autographs. They were so giddy, and they both signed the book while their parents explained to me that they are best friends on vacation together. Overwhelmed with the memory of my best friend and I taking a road trip to Florida with her parents when we were very young, I was eager to ensure that the girls had an unforgettable trip. I went away to get them some buttons and artfully wrote across the I'm Celebrating button "My Best Friend." The kids were squealing with excitement. The parents smiled at me and said, "see girls, this is Disney Magic." I felt so honored to have someone see me as an example of Disney's Magic. I am certain I was beaming. Then one of the little girls said only babies believe in magic...

What?! I was completely shocked that such a young child would write off magic and the joy of believing anything is possible so quickly. So I got down and told her that magic is real, and if she doesn't believe me, she can ask Tinker Bell. "Tinker Bell isn't real." Her little defiant voice rang out.

Well, I knew that I couldn't let this little girl miss out on all the wonder she was about to experience in the park. So I got down and looked at the girls. "Tinker Bell is real, in fact, I have been playing hide and seek with her all day, but she is just so good at it. Do you think you would be willing to help me look for her? She might even use some of her Pixie Dust for us." One girl beamed, eager to help, while the other looked at me in disbelief and then nodded. The mothers pulled out their phones and recorded the little girls as they followed me to through the store looking for fairies.

"Tinkerbell likes to play by the animator's paint jars. It's where movie magic comes from. Let me know if anyone sees her." Carefully examining each of the paint jars, they began to hear a faint jingle. "Wait, I hear something," the girl exclaimed, and then a mass of glitter and sparkles shot from the paint jars, flew around, and ran into a painting. The painting sprang to life and its characters began dancing and playing as if it were a movie. The two girls began to scream and jump around, "DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!" My disbelieving friend was so shocked and surprised. I looked down at her and said "We can always believe in magic, because there is magic inside of you." The little girl ran over to her mom so excited, and the mothers thanked me as they left for their first day at Disneyland.

But wait, there's more! Every day of their trip these little girls game to the store to find me. These little girls always wanted to spend time with me and play hide and seek with the faries. They would come into the store and try to find me. The first day when they came back I was helping someone at a register and they walked right up to me and poked their heads over my counter and asked if the faries might be willing to play with them again. They did this for three days! We went and looked for the faries everyday for three days, and on the fourth day I had the day off. On the fourth day these little girls found one of my friends and asked her if she knew where I was "Do you know where the fairy girl is? She makes the faires come out and play." She was so confused and looked at the parents, hoping they could provide some context or a better description of the Cast Member in question. After the parents described me, she sighed and explained that it was my day off. The girls were a little sad and left. The next day my friend found me and explained that these little girls were so eager to see me! She asked me to tell her all about these girls and how I made their trip so magical.

I think that this story is my favorite memory from Disney and I will never forget those little girls.


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