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Giggles and Waggs

Alrighty everyone, so I am sure you are occasionally wondering "Hmmmm self, what do you think Siobhan does with people and how do they react to her?" Well look no further! It has been an adventure for sure and I want to share it with all of you. My first time interacting with guests I was paired with a buddy named Sean. We walked around for awhile saying happy birthday to people wearing birthday buttons along with the rest of the people in our large group of trainees. So, about 5 minutes in I found a little boy sitting with his parents on a wall in Adventureland. I went up and started asking him how his day was. He explained how much he enjoys rollercoasters. His favorite one that he rode that day was Splash Mountain. I asked the boy if he got wet on Splash Mountain. I wish I could have taken a photo of how the boys face lit up. You know how when you are younger new people are scary and then at some point you just feel like you are suddenly the greatest friends that ever were regardless of the time or experiences shared with one another? Well we weren't there, but I sure wasn't nearly as scary anymore. Well, to continue on I asked him how wet he got "Did you get a little wet? You know like 'Oh no, I stepped in a puddle.' or did you get soaked like ' I jumped in the puddle and I crushed the puddle and now I'm drenched!'?" The kid kinda started to giggle. Well what do you think he said? Of course he was soaked! I told him about a special yellow dog that lives in the park. His face lit up even more "Pluto!" he squeaked. "Yea, Pluto is pretty awesome. When he gets wet, he has to shake off all the water. Do you want to dry off like Pluto with me?" The boy hopped off the wall and began to wiggle around with me in the middle of this massive crowd of people! He was six. His family smiled and thanked me after they finished laughing. We gave each other a high five before I had to go. I love this!!


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