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Here's To Many More

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!............. Ok, yes I am a bit behind but I am not losing any sleep over it, and neither should you.

This past year has been a dream and also a bit of a nightmare. What value would the best days have if we didn't have the opportunity to meet the worst ones face on? I have come to know myself far better than I ever have, and now vulnerably I say that I am learning to love myself in all of my well Me-ness if you will. Humbly I say that I have never had the highest self-esteem and I look to the world finding a rather irrational standard to try and force myself into. In the words of an old roommate "I am not a square," nor do I ever intend to be one. So as we go into the 20's one more the prohibition on my will come to a screeching halt (Yes it was corny, you are welcome).

Please stay tuned for some fun adventures with me and my imagination!


I finally got into therapy for an eating disorder that I have left unchecked for the greater portion of my life and quite frankly it is really really hard. Anorexia has been a norm and nearly a security blanket for me in the times of my life where I didn't want to accept the reality of how difficult life can be. I am happy (? perhaps relieved or indifferent, I don't really know....insert emotion of undefinable qualities here) to say I have both a therapist and a dietitian guiding me through my recovery. Some days are a lot harder than others, and responses such as "I had no idea you had an eating disorder." or "You always looked ___ to me." are not helpful. This recovery is not to rectify how any of you see me, but how I see myself and my relationship with food. I appreciate your support, and as I go into this new year that we are already a month into. If you are curious as to what I am going through in recovery you can stay tuned on my recovery Instagram @abandoning_anorexia.


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