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If I Wrote a Book.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

To those of you that have had the pleasure of knowing, me I love people!!! Not too long ago some of my friends decided that they should write books. Eager to feel included and certain that at this particular juncture of my life would hold many entertaining memories I jumped into the chaos. I hope you guys enjoy the introduction to what will certainly be an adventure.

Ok, so all (many) my friends have decided to write books, be that on their own studies, their profession, or just their life in general. With all my cohorts locked up writing what they hope to be the next great piece of literature of our generation, I sit alone patiently awaiting a text or a phone call from my friends gaining an uncomfortable relationship with the term “Boredom,” it is now, that I have decided to write a book of my own. In part for the irony, and in part for a desire to not feel left out of the weekly meetings of friends crowded around laptops in the local coffee shop. I don’t actually know how much if any socialization actually occurs at these gatherings, but nonetheless I feel left out and I have decided that typing on my keyboard while they type on their keyboard may be misconstrued in my mind as some logical form of social interaction. Regardless of whether or not any words past the few I exchange with the barista behind the counter to convey my order of a Hot Chocolate really ever materialize, the conversation I have in my head can at times be truly riveting. Sometimes, I reach for my Hot Chocolate while one of my friends reach for their coffee, in this moment I feel as though there may be some sort of wavelength that we share even if it is only brief I am certain it is mutual. We both quickly go back to typing so as not to draw attention to the obvious telepathic link that we just demonstrated. My friend is undoubtably frightened and possibly uncomfortable by the momentary connection of friendship we shared, it seems to have been enough to meet the weekly quota of social interaction, I on the other hand look back to my computer frantically attempting to come up with a way to string these words together in my head.

I hope that a plot, or a theme, or really any logical form of writing emerges from my mindless clicking on the keyboard, but I suppose only time will tell. At the very least this spur of the moment concept has served me well as I avoid completing various assignments weeks in advance (Don't worry Mom and Dad I plan to do something with my life.) There are plenty of things I could share with the world, I am certain of it. I don’t know how many of those things the world would be all to eager to hear, but nonetheless I have been typing for a little under a page now, and that sounds like as good a commitment as any.

To my surprise my computer came with a template for writing a book, it’s as if Apple knew I would reach this juncture in my life. So I would like to take this moment to be grateful for the technology we have today for recognizing that my lack of a life or more specifically a social life would lead me here to writing a book. The template has nifty guides that tell me how to sound like less of a loser in this book (If I can really call it that). Early on I recognize there are a lot of rules that go along with formatting a book appropriately, so please have grace on me if this isn't to your formatting likeness, there are a lot of rules.


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