• Siobhán Grogan

Kale State

To all the lovely friends I made in Mississippi I just got a new sweatshirt.

While I feel as though I could possibly talk for hours just saying how much I adore this sweatshirt. I mean look at it! it says Kale instead of Yale!!!! That probably wouldn't be nearly as intriguing to any of you as it is to me. So, we shall move on! I have so many lovely stories to tell you all where on earth shall I start. I have made such fantastic friends!

Oh I know I will tell you about the tide pools! So recently the tide was reduced significantly reduced.

It was such a bright and beautiful day. A lovely breezy day at the beach.

SCIENCE WARNING!! So the reason for the tides is moon and its location and proximity to the earth. I believe the tide we visited the tide pools for is called a spring tide. Well, thats as far as I will go on the subject.

Tide pools are the little pools of water that are trapped when the tide goes out. So much interesting sea life gets trapped. We saw Sea Stars, little fishies, and some anenimies aneneneamies sea anenamies (well you know what I mean).

The water was so clear and the sea life was stunning.


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