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My Once Upon a Time

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

For any good story to take place there must be a beginning, and this is mine. Here at the end of my time at Mississippi State University, waving goodbye to friends that I never thought could mean so much to me, nor I to them. This, however, is a bittersweet ending, one with blank pages for the story to continue. It is not a goodbye, but simply until we meet again, as I will be returning in the Fall to continue my masters in industrial engineering with a focus in management systems engineering. Until such time, I will be in California attending the Disney College Program and starting my masters from Mississippi State University as a distance student.

I am starting a blog and maybe even a vlog (Woa.... Next level!!) We will see don't get too excited because this is still very new to me. Well, you can keep up with everything I am up to and I can't wait! Stay tuned for my next adventure!


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