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So, just the other day I went on an adventure. I was curious if I would be capable of skating from my apartment in Anaheim all the way to balboa pier. This would be around 15 miles of skating, further then I have ever skated, on a trail I had never been on before. Naturally, I jumped in with little consideration. The morning of the ride I felt the need to prepare, so I packed 4 water bottles, tools in the event my skates needed work on the way, a swim suit and a towel so I could celebrate my achievement when I reached the beach, and a battery pack for my phone, just in case. These were all the required tools! I put on my pads and my helmet (safety first) and I was off! The adventure was as you can imagine long but eventful. I met a state trooper, and a family took a photo with me because my expedition was very entertaining to them. Well, all this is somewhat secondary to the fact I kept myself entertained on the ride with my rather unique imagination. As I was skating, I saw what I can only describe as fossilized dental floss. Then, a rather entertaining thought crossed my mind.

Nobody ever uses these sidewalks or walks outside in general? We all use cars!! What if I accidentally become a famous archeologist because I decided to skate 15 miles. What would I do??

I recognize this thinking may seem misguided to you, but I was certain that If I found an entire dinosaur skeleton on that corner off Harbor with that gas station (you know the one) there were going to be a lot of questions that I didn't know how to answer. So, I started answering them in my head in advance.

"This unique discovery is known as a Skateosaurus. I speculate that his friends called him Wheely! We can attribute his rather unfortunate state to being incapable of standing back up after falling in skates. We see it frequently with the well known tyrannosaurus. When they skate they often travel in packs. When a single tyrannosaurus falls down while skating the rest of the pack acts as team or a support group to help lift their friend back to an upright position. It is truly tragic that Wheely here, neglected to use the buddy system. Let this be a lesson to all! The buddy system saves lives. Thank you."

I have decided that I am now prepared to stumble upon a dinosaur!


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