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The Night Watchman

Hello, my pretties!

Yea, you don't need to say it, that brought on some crazy Wicked Witch of the West vibes.

Lets try again.

Good morning my sunshines!!

Can sunshine be plural? Do I need to have multiple suns to make that work? Is it morning for you? Let’s put a pin it the greeting for now, ok? I will come back to it!

I am terribly sorry it has been so long.

Are you familiar with that moment when you are trying to sleep, you lay down, you are all curled up under the blanket, maybe just finished a cup of chamomile tea, you are warm, and about to drift off. Then a little notification goes off in the back of your mind. *Bing* "Do you remember that one time in elementary school when you completely embarrassed yourself in front of everyone?" Your eyes anxiously blink open because you thought that memory was buried years ago, but no. Here we are, obsessing over it again. Do those kids remember what happened all those years ago? Even worse, is it possible that the teacher has passed down this tale of humiliation from year to year as all the students in the class are giggling and whispering amongst themselves, surly no-one would be that silly. (I knew it, I have become the punchline of Mrs. Steven's class for generations. I may never show my face in public again.) Before you know it, it's 4:00 AM and you haven't slept because you are too busy worrying about the past.


Is that just me?

I still retain that everyone must experience some level of anxiety, mostly out of fear of being the only one with such an animated internal dialogue.

Anyways....... I am fairly certain that most people have experienced those moments when it's too difficult to peacefully fall off to sleep. Be it few too many shots of espresso, you are at the edge of a literary cliff in the book you picked up purely as a result of a Goodreads review, your spirit animal is actually the Energizer Bunny, we have all been there (I hope...If not you have children and fall asleep on the way to the bedroom. This will you put the kids down at bedtime).

Well, I have a secret "guided meditation" exercise that I use to fall asleep in those anxiety-riddled moments (and the moments when I just can't sleep). I am prepared to share this secret with the world (No no, no need to thank me, I am only an average hero!).

How to fall asleep (Siobhan's edition)

When you lay down imagine there is a little night watchman that lives in your body. He is a little old, so he doesn’t move terribly fast, he wears little suspenders and when he stands, he doesn’t stand up straight, he sort of hunches forward. He walks through turning all the lights off in your body so you can go to sleep. He starts down in your toes. Flex then relax your toes as he turns off the lights. Our night watchman is a little scared of the dark, so once he turns off the lights, he runs to turn off the lights in your feet. When he reaches your feet flex then relax your feet. Continue up through your legs feeling the body relax as he turns out the lights. When you reach your head, if you haven’t fallen asleep yet, focus on your breathing to become more intentional feel your body relaxed as all of the muscles are dark. Notice the rise and fall of your stomach as you take deep slow breaths. If you feel your mind wander that’s ok, accept that you are allowed to wander and then return to the breath again feeling the rise and fall. If there are any distractions, any sounds, outside the body realize those are not your interruptions, but your environment, accept them and return to the breath.

Well, that's all together concerning for my artistic skills now isn't it. I hope you can at least laugh with me at this rushed effort to provide you with an image in this barrage of thoughts.
Light's Out

I have it! I know what to say!

Hi, honey bunches!

Yoa you're right, it is a little too awkward a little too late in the post. I will get it next time!


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