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This is Halloween

As I lay here on the couch jamming out to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack as it is August, and I am nothing if not prepared (The celebration starts now!!), I am reminded of the time I went out with an old friend to watch a scary movie. This was in fact, the first scary movie I had ever seen. I think I went to see "The Woman in Black," but I honestly don't know because I was curled up in a ball hiding behind my knees for 99% of the movie. It was PG-13, but I feel lied to, and I disagree with that rating strongly because I was terrified!

Well after the credits rolled, teenage me was still a bit on edge to say the least. My friend thankfully was also frightened, so I didn't have to feel like a complete wimp.

Meagan, the friend I went with (I think there was one other person that went with us, but we were a bit obnoxious, her words not mine, and left immediately after the film), asked if I would go to the restroom with her (just incase some crazy possessed human encounter occurred, or something like that.), as the good friend that I am I agreed to attend the restroom with them. I was also really scared, and didn't want to be left alone in a crowded movie theater, so I was happy to go with her, but I selectively remember this decision as one made as a very good friend not as a wimp.

Well, when my friend was washing her hands, the most startling thing happened and it escalated to the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Meagan's bag activated the hand dryer. The noise was so loud and unexpected that we both panicked. Meagan jumped so high in the air, I was certain that if she were wearing Moon Shoes she would have hit her head on the ceiling. To add to her commotion, she screamed. This scream only added to my panic as I just watched my first scary movie, there was an unexpected loud noise, I discovered my friend is likely a mutant and can fly, and now she's screaming.... I backed up scared, dazed, and confused (What is happening?") in a noble attempt to retreat to safety I stumbled backwards. Then it happened.....

I fell into a trash can... Yep, a green movie theater bathroom trash can. Meagan thought this was hilarious as I struggled in vain to try and get out of the waste bin. The combination of Meagan's shriek and the uncontrollable laughter erupting from the restroom alarmed the theater employees. So, three of them simultaneously burst into the restroom, rather valiantly I might add. I strained my neck to see what was happening and I turned bright red as each person was staring directly back at me.

I was trapped in the trash can and Meagan was on the ground from laughing so hard that it looked like she was in pain. The employees responded as any sane individuals probably would. They turned around and pretended like they didn't see a thing, leaving me in the trash can. Mortified, I gave up and waited for Meagan to stop convulsing on the floor with laughter so she could help me out of the trash can.

My brain occasionally replays this moment in my head so that I can obsess over how awkward that entire situation was. I wonder if those employees remember it.

To this day I hate scary movies, they make me a bit jumpy.

Happy Halloween every one.


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