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Will Work for Quesodillas

Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful readers.

As usual, it has been a while since I last wrote to all of you but prepare yourselves. I intend to post every day from November 29th through December 5th. So, please swing on by and learn all the fun, new, and wonderful things that have occurred in my life.

In my family, this is already the most wonderful time of the year. Between relatives' birthdays being around this time, Thanksgiving, Christmas preparation, and Black Friday shopping, I hardly see what's not to love.

We even try to get our pets involved in the festivities. My dog generally gets a few big surprises (We have learned not to say treats in this house. Heaven forbid if Bugzy could spell simple words), and while he may not understand the value of the holiday, he is all too grateful for our presence.

My mom always tries to come up with new ways to hold our attention at the table longer (My brothers and I all have ADHD. It makes for incredible conversations.) one year we started these little conversation pie prompts. They were these little cardboard cards that looked like a pie with a question prompted on the back like "Do you prefer turkey or ham for Thanksgiving?" We now have memorized the entire box.

I voted for fish.

This year we will be attempting board and card games amidst the family feast. If my brothers are not betting on outcomes with stuffing, corn, and mashed potatoes, I don't really know if this attempt should be considered a success. So, happy Thanksgiving!

Now I know what your thinking, "The title is a ruse. She hasn't even mentioned quesadillas yet. She has tricked us into reading about her Thanksgiving traditions." Please take a deep breath; we are getting there.

So I know that we have just finished another election. This year, we were intently focused on the pandemic and how individuals intend to address the issues and our economy, which has taken several hits over the years. I don't use this platform for political opinions as this is a space where I expect people to smile, but I needed to initiate this story with that statement for the sake of understanding. (If thoughts or acknowledgments that an election did actually take place upset you, I am concerned for your anxiety levels and recommend a breathing exercise). Moving forward, all the same, a friend of mine's father collects coins. Apparently, he is very animated about the collection (My grandfather was always eager to complete the states with quarters). I came to learn that some coins are worth astronomical sums of money. These pennies trick you into believing that they are worth $0.01 when, in fact, the price tag may climb into the thousands. After going through my wallet and pulling out a penny that I am now convinced is worth more than a penny, I have had a few thoughts. What if our system of money was more consistent? What if we used food instead. Now before you say that food is not a consistent system of money...I know, but I would be all too happy to accept a soft pretzel or a quesadilla as money because let's face it, carbs are God's currency (In the old testament, we made grain sacrifices to the alter, I rest my case). Well, this thought undoubtedly began when I was craving a quesadilla, so I called a friend, Lauren, because she too understands the currency of God. She concurred with only a few light concerns. She thinks that the quesadilla's value would be about $5-10, and it would vary as a result of the quality of the quesadilla and what was put inside. At this point, I realized that I had probably persisted too far and made myself a quesadilla. I haven't yet abandoned the idea, but I have concluded that I will need more energy to pursue this thought further. In the meantime, I will gladly work for quesadillas.


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